• Top 5 Reasons to Hire In-Home Health Care in Indianapolis

    June 1, 2016
  • There are many reasons why a family might consider health care assistance for a loved one – chronic illness, frailty, transitioning from the hospital or rehabilitation or a need for long-term senior care. With any distinctive circumstance multiple care choices exist, from a skilled nursing facility to assisted living to in-home care.

    Did you know the most popular choice in American right now is in-home health care? See the top five reasons why so many families are choosing that specific option as a best fit for their family.

    1. Often loved ones remain happy and safe in the home setting, which provides for familiarity and a comfort factor within their overall care plan.
    2. In-home care maximizes patient independence and encourages the loved one to remain as active as possible, which assists with quality of life.
    3. Infection risks are lessened with in-home care over a nursing facility or hospital.
    4. In-home health care is often more cost effective for families over nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Families are able to only have care for the hours that the loved one most needs the help. During other times family members may even help with caregiver duties as well.
    5. In-home health care offers the benefits of community, social interaction and companionship for the loved one who may be socially isolated due to chronic illness or mobility issues. A consistent relationship with a caregiver can lift a patient’s spirits and assist with quality of life.

    See Why United Home Healthcare 

    For nearly a decade, United Home Healthcare has been leading the way personalized in-home healthcare for Central Indiana families. Family owned and operated agency, the entire United team knows how much comfort and care within a home setting means to Indiana families.

    Enhancing the lives of our clients with patient-centered services is at the core of each of our in-home service capabilities. Additionally, our 24/7 services are designed to help our clients live to the maximum of their abilities. We enjoy being our clients’ in-home health caregivers, but moreover we love getting to be their care “cheerleaders” as well!